21, Oct 2023
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in fact, reveal that 50% of the brands that have invested in advertising on the as being of higher quality than their competitors. Additionally, those who invested in sponsored ads saw a 33% increase in purchase interaction. In an increasingly globalized market, in which all types of companies must find the right communication channels, the numbers prove LinkedIn right: it works, it is reliable and above all it covers all B2B sectors. Thanks to our team of professionals we help B2B companies to grow, find new customers and new talentthrough LinkedIn and beyond. B2B companies in the logistics, stainless steel processing, container transport and

Thanks to the Internationalization

handling, vehicle transport and much more sectors have turned to us to achieve concrete results. Here are some of thegoalsthey have achieved thanks to our support: customer acquisitioneffectivebrandidentitdevelopmentsearchfor new qualified resources effective digital strategy Here you can find some of our projects. Investing in B2B marketing has never been so convenient! Promote your business lead  company effectively. As? Thanks to the internationalization call for SMEs of the Emilia Romagna Region. With a minimum investment of 30,000 euros in marketing activities you will be able to receive a reimbursement of 50% of the costs incurred. Trust The

Call for Smes of the Emilia Romagna Region

business lead

Bubble Company team for a complete project that promotes your company internationally. You have until May 20th to participate in the call with us. We will follow you in all phases of the project.  Form filing the application to execution in the event of winning the tender.  contacutcalwithmemberofouteam. GA  Lists In the past we have already talked about content marketing and the importance of creating content even for a B2B company. But if in past years it was an increasingly evident trend, in 2023 it has become a

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