18, Oct 2023
YouTube Shorts Audio and Still

Video culture was revolutioniz when in order to see a video the viewer did not have to click the start button but a stream of short videos fill the screen. The algorithm constantly found personaliz interesting material and hook an increasingly mature audience. Importing ads into this stream was only a matter of time. Google has many touch surfaces for users from all search engine searches perform while logg in to Gmail and map services. No matter how special a persons niche taste in video content is Google has other information

Available for targeting

Than just the users video preferences. Shorts ads are mobile-friendly 916 vertical video or image ads of a maximum length of 60 seconds which appear between Shorts b2b email list videos or in the Shorts fe. Shorts will be three years old in September 2023 Short ads have been around since September 2022 and the formats advertising capabilities are still in development. Googles chief business officer Philipp Schindler has comment that building an excellent user and content production experience is the most important thing

Commercialization will follow

 Over time. The shorts content production experience is at a stage at least as far as YouTubes own subtitle itor is concern. It was possible to create subtitles for horizontal YouTube videos in YouTube Studio and GA Lists the creat srt files could also be us in videos on Facebook and Vimeo among others. In principle the itor also works for vertical videos but the text size is too small to read. In practice the subtitles of the Shorts video are made in the itor tools of other parties which is not a desirable situation for content producers and YouTube.

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